East Texas Gem and Mineral Society
Tyler, Texas
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June 24, 2017 -- 9AM Sharp!
Petrified wood hunt near Kinney's place.
The Collecting Site
The site is located about 300 yards from the access road. There is a well-marked trail from there to the collecting area. The trail is easy to negotiate, but it does go down about 60 feet in elevation, ended at an artesian spring. Most of the material has been located near or in the spring area. Most of the area is sandy, with clay being predominate in the collecting area. It is usually muddy near the spring. See Field Trip Page.

Suggested Gear
Digging tool (rock hammer, shovel, etc.)
Probe - Some like to try to locate the wood by probing the ground before digging.
Rubber boots, if you plan to search in the spring.
Bucket and cloths for all your treasures!

July 3, 2017--
Monthly Meeting. Program: TBA​​​

​​July 8, 2017 --
Mt. Antero, Colorado! Field trip with the Columbine Gem and Mineral Society. See Field Trip page for more info.

July 11, 2017--
Mineralogical Group Meeting at Kelly Ford's Home
Program: Petrified Wood

July 15, 2017--
Lapidary Group Meeting. Program: TBA​​​

July TBA --
Local Field trip to selenite hunting area near Palestine, TX. See Field Trip page for more info.