East Texas Gem and Mineral Society
Tyler, Texas
Mineralogical Group

Richard Armstrong is the new chair of the Mineral and Fossil Sub group. Richard is well qualified for this position. A longtime gem and jewelry appraiser, Richard is an Accredited Senior Gemologist with the Accredited Gemologists Association.

​​​​Issues in Gem and Mineral Identification are discussed. Feel free to bring gem and mineral samples you have questions about. Bring a sample you have identified and share how you identified it with the group.

Six Mineralogy Group members met on 
​29 September 2016 at​ Richard Armstrong's residence.  Presented was the occurrence of blue quartz in Llanite granite. Microscopes were available to view the euhedral bipyramidal quartz crystals recovered from the llanite dike located just North of llano. Additional specimens were presented as micromounts for viewing through the 'scopes.

The next meeting will be 16 March @ 7pm at Richard's residence.​​ Organization and group planning will be discussed. 

​​Soon, Richard Armstrong will have information on possible gem ID classes.

​​Please see our Member Only section for Richard's address.

Gold in White Quartz
Fluorescent Minerals